Face of the Father

I was quite sleepy from lack of sleep. And this morning spent some times to talk with God about all the things that bother me. So in the afternoon I went down to swim as I brought the costume already.

As I was swimming, first I was troubled with all the evil things which are happenings in the world. There were some sadness and anger within. I believe God would feel the same too. After all, he created this perfect and beautiful world, but we chose to destroy his creation with everything bad we did.

But sadness and anger won’t be a strong enough force I feel. There is another thought which is the heroes of faith. How they lived their lives in the evil days and times of their lives. There’s a strong conviction that drove them to do what they did.

And suddenly, I remember about Hebrews 12:1, that says Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith, for the joy that was set before him, endured the cross.

I thought, that’s probably the highest motivation to persevere in this broken and fallen and ugly and sinful world, without feeling down, intimidated, or hopeless. The urge is to look unto Jesus. And Jesus points us to the joy set before him, which i believe is the joy of God. The joy of pleasing God or making God pleased. The joy of seeing that God is pleased or happy.

And i remember the painting of the father in the prodigal son story. The portrait somehow always evoke me. To see the laughter of that Father…

And it answers or fits into Psalm 27. The Psalmist begins with his assurance in God’s protection in the midst of his presence danger and enemies. And later he utters his request and life long desire as to seek the beauty of the Lord.

So, my point is the antidote for living in this world, hearing all the depressing news on how people live lives apart from God…is to focus on God. To please him and imagine his smiling face. The joy of bringing that laugh in his face and his promise to be with us as we abide in him.

May he turns our mourning into dancing. Our tears into singing.

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