The day our resource is limited

We had a dinner at a Japanese restaurant. And my elder girl ordered chawan mushi as part of the set meal. After we ordered everything, seeing the older sister ate the chawan mushi, the younger sister cried. She wanted to eat that also. Now, the serving is very small. Both of these girls, could eat a big portion of steam egg by themselves.

I looked at the price and our order. We spent quite a lot for the dinner. And the price of an additional small steam egg was really too much.

By God’s grace, the older sister was willing to share her steam egg with the sister. And the younger one was also accepting the sharing solution instead of insisting her full share.

I thank God for that. Otherwise we didn’t have a peaceful dinner.

When I looked back, I thank God for the fact that our resource is limited. For if we have all the money and time and energy, we would probably never learn the lesson of sharing. Everything would become so easy and cheap. But with the limitation, we learnt what is precious, and about sharing what we like.

Thank you God that in your great wisdom, sometimes withholding what may not be the best for us.

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