In the Beginning

It has been a month since we landed here in Melbourne city. And life has been a lot of discovery of new things. We were looking for a church and still looking for it. This morning, as I woke up and spending some time in quiet with the Lord….

I went through the different groups that we met. And God showed me something…

There is group that focused on the children. All of us as parents face challenges about our children. I do everyday. I pray to God everyday. I would love to improve as a father. But that’s not the group that I want to be part of.

There is also group that meet for social or support. That would be lovely too. But if life is all about that, again, that is not something that God showed me…

God showed me, the gospel…in this manner:

“In the Beginning……..” (Gen 1:1)

“All that God promised comes true………..” (Joshua…)

The fall of man didn’t deter his plan.

He chose Abraham.

He gave promise…descendent, land, and blessing…

It came true in the life of Moses, Joshua, David, and finally…Jesus….

But those long waited years…….until the promise fulfilled through His Messiah……..

All those years for the people in the wilderness, for Joseph in prison, for the people on the exile……..those the dark and down times………they never alter and ruin God’s big plan and purpose.

In short, God is big (and that’s true)……and regardless of our circumtance or even journey……no downside, discouragement, failure, changes, evil, that’s so powerful and great that will destroy or change God’s purpose. God’s purpose will always be accomplished.

And in that truth, I can rest assured.

And I’m looking for church, fellowship, meeting up that will lift our eyes on that truth. God who is bigger than the universe, who names all the stars, and put everything in their rightful place. As the teaching of Jesus…the birds in the air, the flowers in the field…..they simply are and where they are.

Let us not be troubled with the troubles we face in front of our eyes. Let not those pressing issues distract our thought and mind. May the power of the gospel, that’s God’s redeeming purpose, from the creation to the revelation captive our hearts and minds and kept us safe in Christ.

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