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Answer comes in the Morning

It has been a tiring journey lately. Only a few people whom I’ve shared briefly, in the need to find strength. Yesterday after we came back from the GP, decided to proceed with another CT Scan before going home, and … Continue reading

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Power & Limit

If Thou canst do any thing, have compassion on us, and help us ~ Mark 9:22 It has been lately in my mind and the devotion from Oswald Chambers today seems very apt. A lot of time I have struggle … Continue reading

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Imago Dei

Recently as there’re so many “bad” news that I read, saw, and heard. From the cyclone that hit Myanmar and caused 100,000 deaths (or even more). The increase of oil & food prices. The sufferings of friends and their families…..I … Continue reading

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Bad temper

It’s wat often called as “bete” in indonesian language Hmm…this morning i woke up bit later than usual…and some thoughts came to my mind… One main reason for me to be bete is when things don’t happen according to my … Continue reading

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A quiet morning

Thank God for his mercy. Last nite i went home, took my dinner, and just dozed off. Woke up in the morning, spent 30 mins read from Psalm 119 and Is 65. I thank God for this morning passage. If … Continue reading

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