Amazed by Our God

He will respond to the prayer of the destitute;
    he will not despise their plea. ~ Psalm 102: 17

This morning, I asked to meet with one of the Management team. I spoke about my additional entitlement this year for 1 week extra paternity leave that given by Government. It is true that it’s easy for Government to issue, but for SME will be scrambling out to release the worker (again the issue that SME hasn’t really able to grapple yet).

And at the end of the conversation, the real issue was that my issue was too small for the Management to look & put their thought. There are many more pressing and bigger issues for Top Management to look into and address.

So if I wanted to get my cause to be heard, I need to bring it up myself, fight for my own because nobody else will do it for me. Not even my boss. Because everyone is so busy with their own problems.

Then I was reminded what I read about God. How God who’s on high, looked down and heard the groans of prisoners and set them free (Psalm 102:20). God is so different to mortal man. Nothing is too small or insignificant for Him, despite being the God of the Universe. Certainly He has a lot better things to do. Yet, he bothers to hear the pleas of the small and the destitute.

Thank God for being God. For apart from God, we will all die for thinking of only ourselves too much.

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