Comforting Words

You have kept count of my tossings;

Psalm 56:8a (ESV)

One of my desires/wishes/hopes/prayers that makes my day is a good rest at night. The flipside is also true, if I didn’t get my hours of sleep at night, I would be grumpy/weak/sleepy/tired/suboptimal on the next day.

Earlier this week, I woke up with that annoyed feeling for not having a good rest the night before. And as I read my Bible, those verse above caught my eyes. God counts my tossings? The next verse, it says,”this I know, that God is for me”. At that point, it changes my perspective about God. A person whose desire and longing to have a good rest through the night, and woke up not feeling rested well enough, and God says,”I know son, I counted how many tossings you had last night.” It validates that God is indeed for me.

The next time you woke up feeling cheated / grumpy for not having your quota of sleep, remembers that God is for you. He is as near as always and he counts the number of your tossings in His book.

Thank you Lord, for such awesome care of me.

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