God had mercy on us, again

This morning, I found a horror moment, when the dishwasher couldn’t be turn on. It meant we will have to handwash everything, in this cold weather. So I wrote an email to our agent, describing our need and asked for help.

About lunch time, before we left home, I found a relief. Apparently, there was a power switch trip. And when I switch it back, the dishwasher is working again. Hooray. So i was sending text to notify my agent, to say that the problem is solved.

But before I could press ‘Send’, suddenly the switch tripped again.

At that point, I turned doubly panic. Because the trip caused the door garage to be faulty. I could not open the garage door. And I could not wash the dishes. So I quickly turn to call our agent.

Thankfully our agent is very calm. He asked me to check for moisture behind the dishwasher. I rushed back home and pulled out the dishwasher and tried to see any moisture. I couldn’t see any moisture though, but I didn’t have time to check further as it’s lunch hour and everyone were hungry. So we rushed to restaurant for lunch.

After the lunch, I quickly pulled out the dishwasher and did everything to check, I couldn’t find anything wrong that could cause the trip, and it’s about the children’s nap time. So I run the dishwasher the third time, and went upstairs to put the children to bed.

Halfway, I heard the dishwasher stopped working. My heart dropped.

And later on, I heard the sound of the dishwasher again. I was still afraid. But I thank God, it washed one load of dishes, otherwise I had to wash by hands.

Thank God, we had a good dinner. Thank God for the dishwasher. Thank God that it still works, probably moisture issue. Thank God he had mercy and heard my plea.



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