Waiting for job

I was entering a worrying mode because still haven’t found a suitable job. And I was thinking why God hasn’t answered our prayers.

This morning, I thought at least 2 reasons that God still putting me on hold.

  1. That I would be closer to Him

I’m not saying that people need to be unemployed to be closer to God, or that unemployed people are closer to God. What I am saying is that while being unemployed, I could have more time and unhurried time to talk with God and have communion with Him. I don’t have to rush to the day.

If I’m working, I would rush to work early in the morning. My quiet time with God would also be rushed. So I take it a precious time while waiting for job, to enjoy my time with God and build my relationship deeper.

2. That I would learn to have a heart of compassion

While waiting for job, I also learn somehow, I am having more compassion on people who lost their job or looking for job. I am less harsh and feel more for them. The Bible stories like Boaz kindness to Ruth did really speak to me. Jesus’ call to Matthew also speaks volume. He saw him sitting at the place that not good, and He singled him out. Then he rose up and followed him.

That passage taught me to see beyond employment. To see a person like Jesus is divine. How on earth did Jesus see beyond a man sitting at tax booth and out of it came Matthew the gospel writer?

Lord, develop a heart of compassion in me, and eyes to see people rightly.

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