Making friends

This afternoon, we had guest to come to our place. The children had good times, they played together and had such fun. My wife served a wonderful lunch for 8 people. I didn’t manage to take any picture to capture the event. I quite regretted for not taking the picture. At one point I wanted to take a picture, then I saw the glance from the girl that she didn’t want to be in the picture, or a questioning look, why? Then I didn’t take the shoot. Should have been more bold to ask their permission for a picture.

Yet on the same time, the question why a picture? Is it for my glory? That I opened my house and invited people for lunch? Or to thank my wife’s hospitality and kind heart?

One question that stuck in my mind is about making friends, how one cross the barriers and making friends. If I look back, it was the children that making the most number of friends. And I probably making the least of it.

Lord, please help us to have genuine friendship here.


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