In memory of a sister

2 weeks ago, I received the news that a dear sister in Christ was called Home. The night before, I prayed with my wife if God will heal her, let him do it, otherwise, let him bring her back.

And thought of it saddened me. Yet at the same time, there’s joy in my heart that she’s gone to a better place, free from her suffering. And God knows what’s best.

I was reminded also that it was on the same date, 17 years ago my dad went home with the Lord. It still saddened me. But I remember the bible verse given to me on that occasion, that death brings out new life (John 12:24).

For this dear sister, I remembered something she shared to me, and I pray it will bring out new life

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New Release

I never fan of new stuff or latest things. But today, I’m happy to experience the sense of newness. And I like the term New Release. And I went home, telling my wife about the experience, that is better than success or money.

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7 weeks into the job

Time flies, and it was a painful process. It was such a joy when finally I received my wife and two girls back home again. Everything seems so pale in comparison with seeing an holding them back.

So today it’s one and half month or 7 weeks into the job, 4 weeks into the launch of new system. I learnt a lot of new things, used some of my past experience and skills, got praised for good works done, received a lot of support and excellent help from my wonderful colleagues here.

Work just great. Today we had a team lunch. The 4 interns cook lunch for 25 of us, and we sat down together around big rectangle table, enjoying Japanese curry rice.

Praise be to God. He brought me here. He guided and leaded me, and eventually put me here. I got to do what I always dreamt of doing, working in full time capacity in Mission, at the same time, utilising my IT experience and exposure. In a way dream becomes reality, but in a better way, for I never dream it would happen in this way. I had forgotten and cast away that dream of serving full time while working in IT.

Yet God is faithful and He never forget.

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Learn to Lead

Remember that I commanded you to be strong and brave. So don’t be afraid. The Lord your God will be with you everywhere you go. ~ Jos 1:9

It is a scary thing. They call me CIO. They give me space. They trust me. They praise me. They look to me.

Leadership is a scary thing for me. I’ve failed many times. I don’t think I’m good at it. I don’t think my personality is for it. And often time, I prefer just to follow than to be at the front. Ocassionally, I volunteer myself.
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A Dinner Invite

This morning, one my colleagues invited me for a dinner.

Which of course, I won’t decline :) And of course, I didn’t know how things would turn out. A dinner is just a meal? I could not be more wrong :)

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