I can’t live without you all

Just wanna to list down how these people make my day  or keep me alive still 

Not in sequence since my brain is quite scattered all over…

1. JTG helped to fix arip’s CPU fan for me …. (save me the money but more the time to go and get new CPU fan)

2. Wee Ann helped me to buy new power supply …then carried it all the way

3. Khim Siong helped to make payment for my US ticket and went down to collect it for me…save me from all the hassle and lousy travel agent

4. Fang helped me to lead Bible Study….when i couldn’t make it, else that nite won’t be Bible Study and the people will go home “hungry” 

5. Xiaodong helped to bring the umbrella for me…else i will be all wet and got flu perhaps with the aircon blowing cold in office

6. Tepen organized movie nite to watch Xmen…hahaha…else i will stay as always…no social life, no movie, so boring…

7. Germaine helped to organize social for the group….i totally hopeless in organizing thing

8. Rika sent a meaningful song to cheer me up..

9. Ruth also made herself available and place for me to distress 

10. Abe helped me greatly, more than the whole office join together in terms knowledge and helpfulness….exactly wat i’s searching for hours.

11. Wai Pek that prayed for me…calmed me down and helped me focus

12. Perhaps those unknown people (behind scene) that prayed for me (like ci Ester, my mum, and i believe many more )

Yah…what can i do without these people? I only what i am today because they’ve come into my life. And i’m trully thankful for them. Either way i could count the bad days like the power supply broke down, I damaged arip’s cpu fan, last minute bug, last minute big problem on project, people left me alone, lousy travel agent … or count each person that make me for what i am today.

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