Great Deliverance

 Life is good on me. I didn’t realize it fully when my colleague told me that he need to come back on weekend to work. Until during lunch time, i got the full story of what happened on last weekend.

Last monday when i’d MC (sick leave), there’s bug found on a project. If i were around, i would be the one to do it, coz i was the backup person for that project. Since i’s on MC, another colleague took over and fixed the bug on last Thurs. Only to get another bug on last Fri.

That’s where the ‘fire’ broke out, and she received the scoldings for that bug. Not only that, my colleague that in charge for the project need to return back to office on that Fri nite. And together he and she worked till 12 nite, followed by another overtime work on Sat till 12 nite, and Sunday 1/2 day.

What did i do on Fri nite, Sat, and Sun?? I had good rest and enjoyed comics too much. I spend those days with happiness and without feeling of anything wrong on another part of this life. As she told us this afternoon during lunch. When on Fri she received the scolding…she’s almost cry. (Could understand that v. well).

I really don’t know what to say. Was at the mercy of my friend. She took my place (the scoldings and weekends at office). Also was delivered from ‘fighting the fire’ experience. And can’t imagine to face the tiring Sunday and working life again this week. Surely i’ve been spared.

 Added a little prayer at the end. Thanking God for great mercy to me, and love too great to be repaid. Truly i’m more convinced that i shouldn’t worry abt the future. For He’s able to deliver and put everything well. Man can plan, but the end of matters are in His hands.


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