God’s Heart for The Lost

This morning, I was reminded of the Bible story I read for my girls last night. It was the story of Jonah. I like the fact that this children bible story about Jonah, particularly zoom into the last episode in the book, where God challenges Jonah to take a look at the meaning of life & death.

I find the story of Jonah has very much similarity with the story of the Prodigal Son that Jesus tells. Both shares the insight into God’s heart and in contrast with our hearts. Both in Jonah and Prodigal Son, we encountered God who’s so big hearted and desires that nobody should ever died or lost, instead to have life.

And our small heartedness that blocks us to see the preciousness of human’s life. When “others” whom we think undeserved are brought back to life, we couldn’t feel the sense of joy that fills God’s heart.

My eldest daughter asked me,”how come this father eyesight so good to see the younger son coming home?” Well, probably because he’s on the lookout for this son. That the first sign of his beloved son returning caught his sight.

Putting the two stories side by side, I don’t think God is happy with calamities and natural disasters that costs so much humans’ life. I believe he must be saddened. And I also believe that he is well pleased with every efforts of his children to seek and save the lost.

Father God, please save us from our small heartedness and transform our hearts to reflect Yours.

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