A Day to Give Thanks

On the 10th day of the 10th month, God affirms His tender care and providence upon our family. This month has started beyond our dreams and imaginations.

A good friend sent an email, saying to support us and partner with us on the work that God has called us. It all just so surreal. We don’t meet or live close by. When we met, it was in Singapore, an unplanned meeting, and we passed our partnership development card. And suddenly we received a note of support.

Yesterday, when I checked our bank account, I was blown away because we received some family assistance due to the nature of my work and family setup. Indeed, what we’ve spent in the beginning just to come to this place, was returned back to us by God.

The day is unique, and I thought to write it down, as a memorial that on this day, the Lord has shown His mercy to us and comforted our hearts.

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