Story of Hope

This morning, a colleague shares from the book of Ruth. It’s a beautiful book of the Bible which speaks volumes. And I thank God that He tells us such moving story.

Starting from the context “in the days of Judges”, it was a very dark time. There were lawlessness abundant. In the context of Ruth there were also economic difficulties when famine hit the land.

In such context, Ruth; a young foreigner widow ventured out alone to find food.

If we don’t know the end of the story, she was taking very high risk that put herself in danger.

Yet, the story turned on the other way. It has a nice and beautiful ending. I’m lost of word here. What I notice is from her words, that she’s putting her trust in God. From the time she decided to follow Naomi, her decision to venture out to find food, and approaching Boaz in the night…all solely expression of her faith in God. She didn’t do things out of hopelessness or desperation. She took life with all the risks, trusting in God whom our eyes can’t see.

And one side of the story is God’s assurance of Hope for those who put their trust on Him. That He is the defender of the weak (woman, foreigner, widow, etc). That in the darkest possible time and situation, there’s still God. And He is more than able to protect His children, and weave story of righteousness.

What an amazing God who sees our hearts and rewards us according to our faith & hope.


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