In the basement, laid bare n naked
i did have little glimpse of whatis humanity
that a ruler can have authority over man
yet there’s always higher authority…

and worse the highest authority over mankind is either good or evil
for those under evil, they rule evily…
and though their subjects experience cruelty of life
yet for those under good,
there’s something deep inside that soar freely even in darkest hour
and those who rule evily,
though they have freedom to rule and impose wickedness
yet they’re to be more pitied
for they need to be freed from the evil slavery

only God alone is a good master
and true freedom
may your Grace be upon ur people anytime
man in its lowest position of nothingness,
could experience God’s everythingness,
higher than his oppressor, and
none can take what’s inside, even have to die…

man above are more pitied for they’re afraid of many things
they’re not free after all
they know not the freedom of soul
and they’re bound by evil one

destroy the evil Lord

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