Dream is something powerful. It gives hope and vision for the person holding it. As long as there’s dream, the person stays alive.

Dream is also personal. It’s different from person to person. Yet it’s sometimes hidden so well that the person may not know it. Yet it’s still there and probably without knowing, gives the orientation & reason for the person’s life & choice of actions.

Yet, dream could just be a dream. Something which just a fairy tale, wishful thinking. I know that i would never be the an astronaut. It took me a trip to Disney land to show me.

However, it’s a different story if the one who dreams was the One. In the Bible, he is also known as the Potter. One who shapes everything; the world, kings and rulers, nations and mankind. It is said that history is His Story.

So this site is about the story or journey to discover and write down the dreams of the Potter. Yes, I do believe he has dreams. And His dreams is both powerful and true. They will be achieved in the end.


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