Making friends

This afternoon, we had guest to come to our place. The children had good times, they played together and had such fun. My wife served a wonderful lunch for 8 people. I didn’t manage to take any picture to capture the event. I quite regretted for not taking the picture. At one point I wanted to take a picture, then I saw the glance from the girl that she didn’t want to be in the picture, or a questioning look, why? Then I didn’t take the shoot. Should have been more bold to ask their permission for a picture.

Yet on the same time, the question why a picture? Is it for my glory? That I opened my house and invited people for lunch? Or to thank my wife’s hospitality and kind heart?

One question that stuck in my mind is about making friends, how one cross the barriers and making friends. If I look back, it was the children that making the most number of friends. And I probably making the least of it.

Lord, please help us to have genuine friendship here.


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God had mercy on us, again

This morning, I found a horror moment, when the dishwasher couldn’t be turn on. It meant we will have to handwash everything, in this cold weather. So I wrote an email to our agent, describing our need and asked for help.

About lunch time, before we left home, I found a relief. Apparently, there was a power switch trip. And when I switch it back, the dishwasher is working again. Hooray. So i was sending text to notify my agent, to say that the problem is solved.

But before I could press ‘Send’, suddenly the switch tripped again.

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Waiting for job

I was entering a worrying mode because still haven’t found a suitable job. And I was thinking why God hasn’t answered our prayers.

This morning, I thought at least 2 reasons that God still putting me on hold.

  1. That I would be closer to Him

I’m not saying that people need to be unemployed to be closer to God, or that unemployed people are closer to God. What I am saying is that while being unemployed, I could have more time and unhurried time to talk with God and have communion with Him. I don’t have to rush to the day.

If I’m working, I would rush to work early in the morning. My quiet time with God would also be rushed. So I take it a precious time while waiting for job, to enjoy my time with God and build my relationship deeper.

2. That I would learn to have a heart of compassion

While waiting for job, I also learn somehow, I am having more compassion on people who lost their job or looking for job. I am less harsh and feel more for them. The Bible stories like Boaz kindness to Ruth did really speak to me. Jesus’ call to Matthew also speaks volume. He saw him sitting at the place that not good, and He singled him out. Then he rose up and followed him.

That passage taught me to see beyond employment. To see a person like Jesus is divine. How on earth did Jesus see beyond a man sitting at tax booth and out of it came Matthew the gospel writer?

Lord, develop a heart of compassion in me, and eyes to see people rightly.

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Wise and Faithful

“Who then is the faithful and wise servant,…? (Mat 24:45)

Often I heard these term ‘wise and faithful servant’, but often the true meaning alludes me. This morning, I thought I understood it better. Taken in the context, it makes more sense, at least on Matthew’s gospel, for in Mark, the context is slightly different.

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In the Beginning

It has been a month since we landed here in Melbourne city. And life has been a lot of discovery of new things. We were looking for a church and still looking for it. This morning, as I woke up and spending some time in quiet with the Lord….

I went through the different groups that we met. And God showed me something…

There is group that focused on the children. All of us as parents face challenges about our children. I do everyday. I pray to God everyday. I would love to improve as a father. But that’s not the group that I want to be part of.

There is also group that meet for social or support. That would be lovely too. But if life is all about that, again, that is not something that God showed me…

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