Countless blessings in 2018

Today is the 18th day of 2018.

For the first time in 3 weeks, I could say I had a short break.

I showered a little bit longer. I let the children got messy and played a little bit longer. I shaved my beard and the children all in bed by 10pm, plus I had nothing urgent to do.

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Face of the Father

I was quite sleepy from lack of sleep. And this morning spent some times to talk with God about all the things that bother me. So in the afternoon I went down to swim as I brought the costume already.

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The day our resource is limited

We had a dinner at a Japanese restaurant. And my elder girl ordered chawan mushi as part of the set meal. After we ordered everything, seeing the older sister ate the chawan mushi, the younger sister cried. She wanted to eat that also. Now, the serving is very small. Both of these girls, could eat a big portion of steam egg by themselves.

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A face of contentment

Somehow, the question and the journey of finding left a mark in me. And so I decided to write this down. Who knows it may bless someone on the way…

So apparently, I have an issue with “contentment”. I guess the first time it occurred to me when my boss told me (when i bumped the idea of becoming a trainer instead of an IT support), that I should learn contentment.

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God’s Moment

The children had already long gone to bed, and my wife was on bed too. I was the only one still awake to do what I was supposed to do; sending out resumes. And just when I thought I found a good contact, then my laptop behaved weirdly. So I had to cool it down.

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