Disturbing News

I shall not mention of any names :)

Recently i found out that someone has been publishing news to media (nothing wrong with that), only from a single perspective, which i find it disturbing. I happened to know the whole story, and hence i find it disturbing when the news was released to the media. Because with the presentation, it gives a wrong impression to people who see & read.

There has been numerous occasion whenever i take public transport, that 90% of the advertisement being displayed only portray one aspect of the news. “Focus on the good things”, that’s what any salesman were trained to do. DOES it mean we’re telling a lie if we do not disclose about something bad? (I would think so, for any agreement we’re not suppose to withhold any information that would be useful to justify the matters).

I had been collecting photos of slogans and advertisements for illustration of the point. Too often, people lead other people to certain direction through incomplete truth. Just one side of the story, will lead to a different conclusion. We are all master in this.

Things presented differently, would lead to a different outcome. People will think differently because of the same thing being told in different way. Sadly, i felt, that this person chose to do this way to post a positive things, while behind the scene, it was a sad things.

We are all masters in this. I shall learn to speak the truth therefore, and humbly seek the Spirit to enable me, for i know I cannot do it on my own.

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