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A Dinner Invite

This morning, one my colleagues invited me for a dinner. Which of course, I won’t decline And of course, I didn’t know how things would turn out. A dinner is just a meal? I could not be more wrong

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The day our resource is limited

We had a dinner at a Japanese restaurant. And my elder girl ordered chawan mushi as part of the set meal. After we ordered everything, seeing the older sister ate the chawan mushi, the younger sister cried. She wanted to … Continue reading

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Thanking God for blessed yesterday

Yesterday, there’re so many things happened. And I just want to keep and store them. All the blessings and thanksgivings. Looking from God’s perspective:

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Counting the Ang Paows

Yesterday, we gathered the children to count their ang paows. Our elder girl was so happy. And we got to teach her some simple mathematics too. What amazed me was their happiness and contentment. Our younger girl opened the first … Continue reading

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Children at their best (1)

This evening, I just witnessed one of the most beautiful aspect of childlikeness. Besides they don’t bear grudges, they also share their possessions happily. This evening, I played with my two girls. When my older girl was playing with her … Continue reading

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